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Healthy Fats

Over the recent years, the term “healthy fats” has started sounding oxymoronic. From everything being no-fat to low-fat, we’re taught to believe that fat is the enemy and a low-fat diet is key to achieving the body you want. It… Continue Reading →

Mathematics of Fat Loss

Are you setting fat loss targets for yourself and failing to achieve them? Well your targets might not be all that realistic. Fortunately, there is a method you can use to make a good approximation of how fast you can… Continue Reading →

14 small changes to make your diet healthier

Quite a few of us know that we have an unhealthy diet. We definitely want to make efforts to change it. But the idea of giving up your favorite foods and changing your diet overnight is harsh. We just don’t… Continue Reading →

Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Aerobics, Gym – A Comparison.

Millions of people in India and across the world celebrated the Yoga day on the 21st of June, an extremely healthy tradition started by our Prime Minister. You couldn’t have possibly gone through yesterday without hearing about the benefits of… Continue Reading →

How much do you know about BODY FAT?

No one wants a FAT BODY. The most common fitness goal today is to lose BODY FAT. Let’s discuss 5 important questions surrounding “BODY FAT”.  What are the different types of body fat? Fats can be classified according their cellular… Continue Reading →

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